Pelican Carbon Brush Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer of carbon components like carbon brushes, carbon sealing rings and carbon vanes

Pelican Carbon is established in 1963. Since then it is one of the leading manufacturer of carbon brushes in India. We have been awarded the Certificate of Quality System Assessment from American Quality Assessors (AQA) for quality management system thet is compliance with International Quality system Standard ISO 9002 and Q9002 (1994) for manufacturing and marketing carbon brushes. Based on our vast experience over a number of years, we are mass producing the carbon components of different types i.e. Brush, Rings and Vanes of all sorts. The consistency and quality of our products has been achieved through the introduction of modern methods and improvement in manufacturing technique.

Carbon Brushes :
Pelican Carbon manufacturers of all types of CARBON BRUSHES
  • Standard and Auto-cut off carbon brushes used in universal F.H.P motors such as Portable Tools, vaccum cleaners, sewing machines, mixer grinders.
  • Carbon brushes for industrial D.C.Motors, Permanent magnet D.C.Motors
  • Auto Transformers
  • Slipring motors, Alternators.
  • Techo-Generators
  • Generators and Traction Motors.
  • Automobile starters, Viper motors and Dynamo
  • List of Carbon Brushes for different Portable Tools

Carbon Sealing Rings :

Pelican Carbon manufacture all type of carbon rings for 

  • Mechanical seals of almost all kinds of rotating prime movers of machines.

  • Cold & hot water pumps

  • Automobile cooling water pumps

  • Turbines

  • Fuel pump

  • Lubricating oil pumps

  • Chemical pumps

  • Pumps for heat Transfer oil

  • Automobile starters, Viper motors and Dynamo

Carbon vanes :

Pelican Carbon manufacture all types of carbon vanes for

  • Compressors

  • Vaccum pumps for Vaccum brakes

  • Vaccum pumps for Printing and packaging machines

  • Vaccum pumps for Tobacco processing machines

  • Pumps for dispensing equipment

  • Pumps for drink vending machines

  • Pumps for bottling plants

  • Pumps for medical equipments

  • Oil & Fuel meters

The machining of carbon components takes place in our modern equipped factory, employing the most upto date technology and the skills and knowledge you would associate with any precision engineering company. From small brushes to large size brushes, the requirements to take accurate measurements means that the standard of our quality control equipments meets the international standards.

We have received the certificate of Quality System Assessment from American Quality Assessors (AQA) stating that Pelican Carbon Brush Pvt Ltd has established a quality management system that is in compliance with Internatioanl Quality System Standard ISO 9002 and Q 9002 (1994) for manufacturing and marketing Carbon Brushes for Power Tools, Home Appliances, Industrial Electric Motors and Industrial Applications.

Indian Standard ISI 13466:1992
HS CODE : 8545.20
SIC CODE : 3624
NASIC CODE : 335991

We have the capacity to manufacture 30,00,000 carbon brushes, 300,000 carbon vanes and 12,000 carbon sealing rings per annum.

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Pelican Carbon Brush Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer of carbon components like carbon brushes, carbon sealing rings and carbon vanes